Winter: The Best Season, For Real

Dave Caolo nails it:

You can’t drive fast in winter. You can’t walk the dog quickly, either. Even getting ready to go outside takes longer than it usually does. And while you’re moving so slowly, look around. The snow is really beautiful.

Winter also reminds us not to worry too much about how our hair looks, or if we’ve got nice clothes. None of that matters when it’s 13ºF.

No girls allowed

Fantastic reporting from Tracey Lien on the perceived gender gap in video games:

Toy aisles are explicit in their gender divide. Clear signage indicates which toys are for boys, and which are for girls. In the video game section, there is little overt exclusion. It's a slower molding of our expectations over time.

Maida might not understand this right away. She hasn't even gotten to the video game aisle yet. But standing among the dolls in their pink tutus, face scrunched up and hands slapping her sides, she's starting in the right place. She's asking the most important question: “Why?”

Crazed billionaire Sheldon Adelson: Obama should fire a nuke at Iran, why not

“What are we going to negotiate about? What I would say is, ‘Listen, you see that desert out there? I want to show you something,’” Adelson said at Yeshiva University. “You pick up your cellphone, and you call somewhere in Nebraska, and you say, ‘okay, let it go.’ So there’s an atomic weapon goes over – ballistic missiles – in the middle of the desert that doesn’t hurt a soul.”

Dr. Strangelove? Is that you?

"We cannot even hope for death"

I’m liking The Toast these days:

The ground felt eerily cool. The pillars and the columns of the Necropolis took on a pearl-blue sheen and began to hum at a violent volume and frequency that put Medrun in mind of a thousand bees glommed onto a tree on a hot summer’s day. A scream went up from the Dwarves. “The prophecy! A woman! The prophecy! A female gamer is among us! We are lost!”

Wild Ones Live, on 99% Invisible

Listening to people looking at people looking at animals. Host Roman Mars describes it thus:

What you need to know about Wild Ones is that it’s not a book about nature. It’s a book about how we value nature and try fit it into our modern lives. Wild Ones is about the cutesy stuffed animals, the eco-tours, and the byzantine methods of conservation that evolve when our experience with wild life goes from something natural to something designed. Human-animal interaction has become a designed experience and the story of that transition, as the title of the book suggests, is sometimes dismaying and weirdly reassuring.

The folksy music from Black Prairie really makes it. I’m into “Dawn Departure, Jefferson County” myself.


Cyan—them of ye olde Myst—is Kickstarting their next point-and-click adventure, titled Obduction. Like everything in the Myst series, it sports a calmly surreal art style, and Cyan has promised that the puzzles will be just as obviously obtuse.

The goal’s set at $1.1 million, which is ambitious, but they’re a third funded after just a couple days. I don’t doubt that they’ll hit their goal, at any rate; the Myst series is well-known, and a new game in that style is pretty exciting.