Banana bread!

Chris Hecker recently started rolling out closed-beta invitations for SpyParty, his competitive multiplayer game of perception and deception. As per the manual:

The Spy: One player chooses to be the Spy. The Spy player takes control of a character at the party, and tries to blend in with the normal party social behaviors, while also trying to accomplish espionage missions. The Spy’s game is one of performance and deception, and staying cool under pressure.

The Sniper: The other player becomes the Sniper, observing the party, trying to figure out which character is the Spy by looking for various “tells” and suspicious behavior. The Sniper can then choose to shoot the suspected Spy, or simply let the timer run out if he or she is confident the Spy did not accomplish the missions. The Sniper’s game is about perception, managing your attention as a resource, and making consequential decisions with incomplete information.

A preorder for $15 puts you on the early access-list to the beta, with an open beta slated to arrive in the near future. I like the idea of deeply asymmetrical multiplayer games like this, so SpyParty’s been on my radar for months and months and months. An invitation arrived in my inbox just a couple days ago. I can’t wait to get my head blown off for playing grab-ass with the ambassador.