Marco Arment on Google's WebM: "'Open' is just lip service"

What was Google’s motto again? Don’t be—don’t be—that is—uh[1]

  1. Florian Mueller at FOSS Patents, in response to Marco’s post, adds:  ↩

    Google’s business model is not a perpetual motion machine: by copying Apple’s user interface (Android was originally designed to be more BlackBerry-like), by copying many thousands of lines from the Java source code, or by building a key feature of Google Maps on technology that actually belongs to Microsoft, Google makes other companies’ creations (even if it still develops a lot of code around it) available “for free” to end users, but once everything others have invested in has been copied, who will invest in the next wave of innovation? (Other than Google with its advertising-centric business model.)

    It’s not a great trend. What the heck happened to The Great Nerd Hope?