The Longest Kickstarter: Dreamfall Chapters

I have fond memories of playing The Longest Journey and Dreamfall as a kid; I don’t remember many games that held as much magic—not the kind with bang-zoom explosions, but the important kind—and epic good-versus-evil adventuring as this series, and certainly none with as big of a cliffhanger. You can guess my excitement at hearing about Ragnar Tørnquist’s new studio announcing a Kickstarter for the sequel, Dreamfall Chapters.

Very nice.

Tørnquist[1] and his team have been away from the series for a long time, but between my nostalgia and what I saw from The Secret World—itself wholly flawed and not especially interesting to play, but compelling just to look at and talk to characters in (which is the extent of a point-and-click adventure)—I am wildly, foolishly hopeful.

  1. Man what the heck is that little slashed “o” character? That thing is fun to have around.  ↩