Congratulations, You Are Now a Kotaku Commenter

Emily Gera gives us this lovely simulation:

Often you think to yourself, “what ever happened to all the men?” Once prized for everything from inventing snooker to the Yorkie bar, the population of men on the Internet is now under attack by the pastel-draped world of women whose shirts don’t even have 50 percent opacity. When you are alone at night and can’t sleep because of all the estrogen in the air you think about how besieged you are by injustice and inequality as a white man.

Luckily, we’ll have next Friday’s Objectify A Male Tech Writer Day to be equally insane and absurd, but without the misfortune of having to drink from the cesspool of human trash that is the Kotaku comments section.[1][2]

  1. Man I mean I know the writers and comment moderators try, but Jesus.  ↩

  2. Incidentally, if you’re not totally sold by #objectify (har), Patrick Miller has a good writeup on why it’s important and how it could really work, which is worth thinking about.  ↩