Still jerking off about blog software

Members of The Readership that interface with the Lumpkins via traditional browser-plus-address bar methods might notice that yt. is being especially schizophrenic with the templates on this go-’round of blogging software. Yt. begs his Readers to note that this Squarespace thing is especially slick[1] and awfully fun[2] to goof around with, and that anyway maybe it’s time to bring back[3] a little[4] color.[5]

  1. E.g. have you tried shrinking your browser window?  ↩

  2. Niiiiiiice.  ↩

  3. The last time we had any was with Harbor. Does anyone in The Readership remember that? What an eyesore that one was.  ↩

  4. Which is not to say that I won’t consider orange and purple an eyesore ten years hence, but I dunno, right now I like it.  ↩

  5. Cue neon.  ↩