If nothing else, vote for net neutrality

There are some pretty good reasons to re-elect Barack Obama (even if he’s not perfect), but since you’re reading this on the Internet, I think Nilay Patel’s got a pretty relevant one:

And make no mistake, the broadband industry is doing everything in its power to subvert the existing rules and bring us ever closer to these worst-case hypotheticals: Comcast excuses its own Xbox video app from counting against its data caps, while Netflix rings up the meter. If you don’t have a Verizon phone, you can’t watch videos on NFL.com, since Verizon and the NFL have a deal in place that restricts access to other carriers. AT&T is forcing iPhone owners to upgrade to new, more expensive data plans in order to use FaceTime over cellular connections. The list goes on.

This is not some liberal fantasy nightmare—this is happening now.

In other news: Mitt Romney has a very tiny face.